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El Hierro, the Meridian Island, formerly known every corner of the world; the perfect place to get lost in a getaway. A magical island full of magnetism, which seduces by the peaceful atmosphere and the simple lifestyle of the people; its natural wealth and its seabed. Pine forests, twisted junipers effect of the trade winds, steep mountains, green valleys, roped lava that is so renowned for its volcanic landscapes and small towns round this island that has much to offer. The friendliness of the islanders, the Canarian sun and the rich local cuisine will make you depart with the clear intention of returning: he who knows this great little paradise no doubt return. Keep checking back, I hope.

The crystal clear waters of La Restinga and Sea of ​​Calm allow us to recreate in beautiful underwater landscapes full of life. The water temperature between 18 and 25 throughout the year, poor insular platform that allows us to reach depths of 300 meters a few miles from the coast and the dense vegetation covering the rocky bottoms, make the island ideal for a variety of species refuge. Diving for these heavenly waters we can find tuna, grouper, drums, old, barracudas, stingrays, moray eels variety of … Moreover, depending on the time, we can also enjoy the visit of blankets, sharks, whales, dolphins, turtles …

Every year is celebrated Open Fotosub El Hierro, one of the most important open international underwater photography in Europe and, according to experts, one of the best in the world. Are you going to miss the opportunity to dive into the latest posteruptivos funds in Europe? Each of the dives you do is different; in each one you’ll see things you’ve never seen before; every time you start the ascent think … “… I want to stay a little longer …”.

We leave you with all the dive sites of the island and its characteristics.